Saturday morning

 One of my favorite covers, real cuties.

Good Saturday morning everyone; the sun is just coming up but I've been up a good long time.  Miss Elsa is an early riser; something I'm going to need to change pretty soon.  Her stomach does most of her thinking so we're going to have to change that as well.  It looks like a beautiful day out there so we'll be headed somewhere, just not sure where yet.

I'm really excited to have connected with Meals on Wheels for my first annual DOG FOOD DRIVE.  I am hoping to get a big turn out; food will help those in need.  The general public who are needing a little helping hand, Meals on Wheels and two local rescue groups.  If you are in the Southern California are a I sure hope to see on Dec 3rd with a bag or can of food to donate.  Word of mouth would be great too; if you are reading this, tell all of your dog friends that I'd love to see them as well.   Mark it on your calendar!!!!!

Yesterday I had a training session with two puppies; they were Cavaliers and I could barely stand how cute they were.  Isn't it funny that no matter how often you've been around puppies they still make you melt.  They were head shakingly adorable and doing their best adorable behaviors.  Lots of kisses, gazing into my eyes, tiny wiggles of happiness and general undeniably irresistible.  Tough job but someone has to do it, right?

It is time to get up and get going on this gorgeous day; hope you and your pooch have a wonderful one.