The Beach

Playing ball at the beach is the best.

As I wrote in yesterday's blog we hit the beach.  I was hoping that it was going to be quiet due to the game being on and all the partying but I also forgot that we are now on Eastern time and the game didn't start until after 6.  So it was crowded with everyone trying to get their dog's yaya's out before the game.  We had a great time, Luke was being Mr. Social and head down the beach as soon as we got there to see who all was in attendance.  Elsa stayed closer skipping from socializing to chasing her ball, but the ball won out most times as she loves just about nothing better than retrieving.

We were not there long, like my main moto in life says "quit while you're ahead," and we did.  You don't need to be at the park for hours to get in a good work out; it's pretty much concentrated fun and exercise.  So after about a half hour, everything had gone well so we left on a positive.  Enjoy the pics.

Or retrieving 

Meeting all the other dogs is great for everyone.  This newcomer, the little lab pup in the middle could barely get himself small enough.  Feeling very insecure but loving every second he went to visit everyone.

Putting on the brakes mid run when he heard some commotion that he needed to check on.

Elsa was lucky that this little labrador lady didn't mind having her ball stolen.  

The wet sand is the best for running really fast.

Sometimes the ball is forgotten when you see a new friend.

Run and retrieve

Most dogs love the game of keep away, no matter if they are the chaser or chasee.

Met this guy just before we left; he was the most fabulous Bulldog.  I adore bulldogs, he came running a full speed and into my lap almost sending me backwards with my camera.  He thought that was pretty funny and jumped around snorting at me.  They are honestly the most fun to watch.  He went after the ball when it was thrown for Luke had fun just running with the big dogs, knowing full well he couldn't get it with those little legs.    Another great day at the beach.