Beachy Sunday morning

The poster beach girl

The beach is a blast

Shaking off a splash

Can you tell how much she loves the beach?

A true water retriever

Getting much braver in the water.

These two just met; you'd never know it.

A poodle cling on

Luke does a great deal of standing, watching the goings on.

But sometimes running with the pack is fun.

Elsa's new BFF, a lab/hound mix.

Meeting the big boy water retriever

He's just as fun as the other guy.


Between playing Elsa retrieves, never a motionless moment

Ooop maybe one, waiting for the throw

Playing water sports is really helping with getting Miss Elsa use to the water.

The beach was filled with fun guys

This little tyke was so tiny and submissive yet not a push over.  Here Luke is testing the waters.

Chill'n in the water just because.