We are putting on the brakes here, backing up and rebooting the rules.  For those of you who have been reading since the addition of Elsa to our pack you know that she came in like a tornado.  She was never the meek one, always running, going and going.  So we quickly established rules; mostly waiting rules.  Since we moved and with the loss of our two dogs things sort of slackened a bit.  So at nearly 8 mos. old we need to pull in the reins and re-establish.

The biggest one for me is the in and out door bolting.  When we started her life with us with the door rules it was easy; it was just the way things were.  Then we moved here, I got a little lazy with my mind elsewhere for a bit and Elsa discovered squirrels.  So now when I open the door to let the dogs out the back it is like a stampede.  Not cool with  me, I like order.   She is wonderful at the front door, she knows that she NEVER goes out unless specifically asked, its the backdoor to the fenced area where she loses it.

Pretty reliably there are squirrels, birds or chipmunks out beyond the fence when she goes out.  Because of this she tries to get out as fast as she can before they leave, makes sense.  But she takes Luke out often, wipes out herself and generally is out of control.  So yesterday things changed, we are back to the "I don't think so" door rule.  That means no matter how long the door is open or how wide; she does not go out unless I say so.

This means that I can wait until her pupils undilate and her body posture relaxes.  Then and only then will she be allowed out.  As puppies get older they can become bold, rude, obnoxious, annoying etc etc.  It happens to the best of them but by establishing rules you can minimize these not so lovely traits.  We will be working very hard on the door today; lots of going outside and back in again.  Elsa learns rules and routine at an amazing rate so I have no doubt that we will be back on track within a couple of days.  It is hard when a dog has high drive and there are squirrels everywhere just outside the door; taunting, just asking to be chased.

Control, it's all about control, hers and mine.