Blow it

Just a quick blog this morning to start the weekend off.  I took the dogs to the beach yesterday morning for a romp.  Both had recently been cleaned as seen in my blog a couple days ago.  I am never one to forgo fun for cleanliness but I have really enjoyed that fresh cleaned poodle for a day or two.  As I left the house I realized that it was raining so I had to skip bringing my camera which I hate.  Of course it was beautiful, it was drizzling and we had the whole beach to ourselves.  It was truly glorious.

Once home it was blow time.  I  recently discovered that my forced air dryer  does an amazing job of removing sand without having to bathe (the dogs that is).  Both are great about having the sand removed from their coat but Elsa likes to do a bit of recreational attacking of the dryer once she's done.  Here are some shots from yesterday.  Enjoy!!