The little things

Last night before bed my husband was petting Luke; he was telling me how many times he wakes up in the night to pet him or just rub a paw.  Watching Luke lay there with his little paw covering his face which seemed to have a smile on it made me think that it truly is the little things.  We take so much joy from the little things in life and one of those small things is seeing Luke enjoying his/our bed.  I don't know how many times a day I say "how cute is he?"  Even at 11.5 years old he is still absolutely adorable to me.

Luke is at the moment sound asleep on the end of my bed.  He is twitching and watching him makes me happy.  It is the little things in life that are so important; those small and almost insignificant moments that could pass us by if you don't take note.

Watching Elsa as she lays silently on the back of the couch watching a rabbit munch on grass outside makes me happy.  Seeing her learn about things that we take for granted in life makes me smile, it's the little things.  Moments shared between my two dogs are constant, often small but mean so much.  They are constantly touching; not so much the doing of Luke it is mostly Elsa that desires the touch.  Without knowing that it is happening; Luke is enjoying it just as much as she does.

When my son gets up in the morning or comes home from work Elsa charges him in a full face grin; that in itself could leave anyone smiling.  Even from behind the scene I can see the joy that each share in a small moment.  As the dogs compete for the end of day greeting from Dad; joy is shared all around.  Even though I am not involved in the greeting I share in the joy.

Watching Elsa try to ignore my breakfast sandwich that is sitting on my bed beside me as I blog makes me smile as she conquers the urge to simply grab and chomp it down.

Take note of the little things; if you wait for the big ones to bring happiness you could be waiting a long time for nothing.