Last chance

Well today is the day; the last day for the beach in Old Greenwich CT.  Being that we are no longer in CT it is not a concern for me but there are many people who are concerned.  It is a sad day for all the people and dogs that love the beach, I for one loved every second on Todd's point.  Both the dogs and I met many nice people and dogs there and I had the chance to get some great shooting in.

As I've said many times before Elsa is a high energy girl but a twenty minute full out rip on the beach was all she needed to put some of that energy to rest for the day.  We often hit the beach well before 7:00 am and the best days were when it was misting or raining.  Not too many came out on bad weather days allowing us much of the beach all to ourselves.  So today is the last day, dogs are not even allowed to set foot through the gate of the park.  I don't understand why they cannot create time allowances for the dogs to have access to the beach.  Why not make clear times that they can and cannot use the beach?

Here in SoCal there are only a few off leash beaches but many more that you can walk on, on leash.  There are seasonal access rules but they are not as limiting.  As of the long weekend in May you can only use the beach before 8:00am and after 6:00pm, which I intend to do once we get to that date.  Often it is too hot for a beach walk in the summer anyway so early morning or evening definitely works.

Why not allow dogs in Old Greenwich, Connecticut the use of the beach say even before 8:00 am during the weekdays and 7:00 on the weekends?  That would allow die hard beach loving dogs the chance to play and splash on the water?  It really makes no sense why they could not do this, the beach is small enough to enforce this rule with one person in charge.  I'm sure that anyone who loves and respects the use of the beach would comply, right?

So for those of you spending your last chance day on the beach with your pooch, enjoy.  It's a long wait until December when you can set paw on the beach once again.  Thank you Old Greenwich, we savored every minute that we were on the beach during our short stay.