Ummmm, breathing room please

I woke up in the middle of the night finding myself wedged between two poodles so tightly that I couldn't budge. Prime real estate seems to be in the crook behind my knees and spooning position. So there I was trying to fall back asleep as my leg started to cramp.  I'd waken up earlier with Luke draped across my legs, it wasn't comfortable in the least but with 6 days of travel behind him he needed sleep.  I slowly drifted off again.

My dogs like to be close; Luke has always needed to be close but not as close as Elsa likes to be.  Luke will follow me from bed to bed just to stay close.  He will lay on the a bed in the living room but if I move to the other side of the room to be on the computer he must come across and lay on the computer dog bed.  While Elsa on the other hand has to be touching you if she laying down beside you.  She if you sit and allow her to sit with you she will likely be on you more than just beside.

As I lay there contemplating if I could indeed fall back asleep in this cramped position I decided not.  I was really uncomfortable, after 6 days of sitting on my butt it is pretty sore so no I could not make this wedged position work.  I announced "I have to move" as I tried to wriggle my way out.  Finally with enough leg movement, Luke finally moved over slightly allowing me to break free.

Ahhh the love of dogs, no need for breathing room.