Old Friends

Yesterday between emptying boxes and getting my life organized once again we made a quick trip to the beach. I hadn't been to the beach yet since we returned to CA last Thursday so I was anxious.  Luke, Elsa and myself were to meet some old friends, I was excited and I knew the dogs would be as well.  As we headed to the coast I opened the window to let the sea air hit the dogs noses.  It didn't take long for Luke to figure out where we were going and the whining started.  He loves The Montage, who wouldn't?  It's like you are walking in a post card.

Elsa up front with Libor in the back with his Mom.

We were a bit early so we just hung out for a while until our Pet Sitter arrived.  Luke went crazy as soon as he heard her utter a single word.  Elsa went crazy as well but she doesn't know her, she loves everyone.  Then Sheima arrived, a longtime friend of Luke and mine.  She is about a half year older than Luke so they are truly old friends.  There was much excitement and again Elsa was excited to see everyone.

Right after Sheima's arrival came Libor, being a male the greeting is much more subdued between Luke and he.  They are good friends but keep their cool.  Elsa on the other hand did remember Libor and showed it, she lavished him with body slams and kisses which I'm sure Libor loved.

Libor's Mom giving Luke and Elsa a drink.

I love this shot, Sheima's Mom was calling her but Libor's Mom was giving out treats.  Guess who won?

Happy face Sheima; her 12th birthday is this coming Sunday.  

Luke surveying the beach that he loves.

Elsa looking very grown up.

Who wouldn't love it here?

It was wonderful to see friends that we hadn't seen since last year and I love seeing the dogs meet up with their friends.  Watching them greet and catch up on old times is just as much fun as catching up myself.  It was a great walk, another reason I'm so happy to be back.