Settling in

I cannot tell you how happy I am to be home, I feel like all is well now and I have my life back.  It was not that CT was awful it just was not me, nor was it my life.  It is obvious to me that the dogs feel the same way; or at least Luke for sure.  When we pulled into the driveway after our six day drive across the country he lit up.  Those big ears of his were up as high as they could go.  When we opened the back hatch he leaped out like a spring chicken; he, raced around the front yard, power sniffing and ran for the door.   Luke has always been velcroed to our front door, he is very much a homebody. 

Even Elsa seems more settled; calmer somehow.  Perhaps it is the vibes coming from me, most likely.  I most definitely have an aura of grounded now that I am back home.  We have quickly slipped back into our little life here and today we hit the beach with some of our poodle friends. 

Elsa is quickly getting use to people being around much more.  After living on two acres down a secluded road she is adjusting very well.  Our home in CT was crazy quiet, I mean cone of silence quiet.  Not great as far as socializing a puppy so we were out all the time trying to find people.  Here Elsa is subjected to people and dogs walking by the house all day long and she is doing amazing.  She is a highly adaptable dog.  She has already stopped barking at the people walking by and only barks her "quiet voice" barks at the dogs that go by. 

Life is quickly getting back to normal although I still have a mountain of boxes staring at me.  Yesterday as I unpacked most of the day I had two shadows.  It is difficult enough maneuvering through the sea of boxes but add eight legs to move around as well and it makes for more work, but good work.  Luke has always been a follower and Elsa is even more so.  Often Luke will fall asleep on the couch and being that he is 11.5 years old he allows me to come and go sometimes without following, not often but sometimes.  Elsa is a constant, of course she is much younger and has the youthful energy that Luke does not.

Have a wonderful day everyone, I know I will. :)