Medical supplies

First let me thank Supriya for today's blog idea.  This is a good idea which I have never thought of, thank you.

I have over the years done a great deal of tending for my dogs.  Whether it is cleaning out a wound, keeping a wound covered, administering medication or keeping them hydrated it seems like there is always a need for medical supplies.  I've collected a lot over the years and when something happens I like to know that I have the things that I will need without having to run out.  I am very lucky to have a great medical supply store just up the street from me where everything is much cheaper than a drug store.  Plus I can get really great stuff that I'd never find at a regular pharmacy.

I know that a lot of owners want nothing to do with anything gross concerning medical care with their dog.  But even if you'd rather leave it to the vet there may be times when you have an emergency and need something until you can get to the vet.   So I came up with a list of supplies that you should have in your kit at home.  Of course there will be specific things that you may need that you won't have on hand.   Like the body suit I made Elsa when she got spayed.  I used a piece of 6" stockinet which is the stuff that they put on a leg before a plaster cast.  It worked like a charm and she is all healed.

I have a human kit and a dog kit at home and an emergency kit in my Xterra that came with it and is stored neatly in the back hatch.

Here is the list of what I keep at home.

Gauze, rolls and patches - gauze is great for cleaning as well as covering wounds.

Tape for the gauze - even when you cover wrap with another wrap, sometimes you need tape to hold it.

self adhering wrap - I love this stuff and use it a lot.  It sticks to itself and you can hind the end so your dog can't find it to pick at it.

rubber or latex gloves - sometimes things are just too gross, these are great just to have around the house for anything yucky.

bactine or other antibacterial wash - this is something you will use often

Syringe 35-60 cc, 5cc, 2.5 cc - When both Tilley and Jessie were seriously ill I used the large syringe to get watered down baby food and water itself into them.  The smaller syringes are used to administer medication and castor oil to Luke's eyes.

cold pressed castor oil - fabulous cure for mildly irritated eyes due to allergies.

clean cloths

polysporin/neosporin - can't live without this stuff.

thermometer - I have the dog thermometers marks very clearly.  My kids always asked "did you use that on the dogs?" when they were little.

peroxide - only to induce vomiting, do not use on wounds.


There are probably a few more things that I have in my kit but I can't think of them.  Supplies are important, these are the ones that I use the most.  Anything else is additional and probably more specific.