Los Angeles - leading the way

Los Angeles has put a ban on selling Puppy Mill dogs in pet stores.  This is huge, not only is it a step in the right direction but one that is much in the public eye.  Of course there has been some complaining from the stores who are not on board with this, understandably.  The stores who want to and do carry puppy mill dogs in their store do not care about the puppies; or the consumer, they just want the consumers money.

LA bans the sale of puppy mill dogs.

LA ban.

Many of the pet stores claim that their dogs do not come from millers.  The employees and owners spout a rehearsed statement affirming that their puppies are not mill puppies.  Let me state this "NO, RESPONSIBLE BREEDER SELLS THEIR PUPPIES TO A PET STORE."  So if a store is claiming that their puppies are not mill puppies; they are lying, bottom line.  Responsible breeders WOULD NEVER hand over puppies to a store owner and just hope that they would be taken care of and end up in a good home at the end of the day.  Are you kidding me?

Orange County is getting on board, one city at a time.

British Columbia, Canada; leading the pack in Canada

It's happening, slowly but surely individual city's are banning the sale of commercially bred puppies.  Sadly my own city has not banned the sale of puppies from mills in their pet stores.  We have a pet store at the mall that carries little mill puppies.  Each time I am at the mall, the number of people packed in that store amazes me.  People can no longer say that they don't know, I'm sorry but unless you've been living on a deserted island..............you know.  If you choose to support those who treat their dogs inhumanely and simply pump out dogs for a buck, then that is a choice that you  make alone.  But you cannot say that you didn't know.

I will state again "NO RESPONSIBLE BREEDER SELLS THEIR PUPPIES TO A PET STORE."  So if you are riding the wave of lies that were spewed to you at the pet store; you are only kidding yourself.   There is nothing responsible, ethical or humane about the puppies sold at pet stores.  The people who house the breeding parents of these puppies are not upstanding, dog loving folks.  They are looking to make a buck, much like the mass producers of the pet rock.  They care nothing about the dogs health or welfare.  Nor do they care that your new puppy may just die; leaving your family heartbroken.

These people cut corners as much as possible to put more money into THEIR pockets.  Do some research, get the facts and stay out of any store that sells puppies or kittens that are not rescue animals.

There are many good breeders out there but they ARE NOT THE ONES SUPPLYING THE PET STORES WITH PUPPIES.   Can I say this any louder?