A new friend

Elsa has a new friend; her name is Penelope and she joined our family on the weekend.  She is my daughters new Bull Terrier puppy.  She reminds us all of Jessie, she is very similar in appearance.

She is 8 weeks old and about as cute as they come.

She loved the ball.

Running to Mom for some reassurance when she heard Luke and Elsa barking from inside the house. They'd already met but they are still scary.

Confident little thing.

A little insecurity again with the barking from the house.

Pay back time for Elsa.

She went from confident to not in a fraction of a second.  You want to see some insecure moments.

Penelope not sure about this long legged curly monster biting her.

Grovelling as she should.

But having a lot of fun too. 

She found a great hiding spot where she could play and hide.  

There will be a great deal for everyone to learn with this new tenacious addition.