Just imagine

Imagine if every large scale breeder or miller was out of business?  I was just surfing the web and landed on a breeders page that I've seen before.  It is a huge operation with pages of puppies listed on their website.  They brag about their breeding facility as if it is a wonderful place.  Dogs are not livestock; they should NOT be raised as such.  They do not belong in kennels where there are special whelping rooms, puppy rooms and runs.  Dogs should be whelped and raised in a home.

I've seen a lot of these breeding facilities, even very clean ones and they disgust me.  One of the biggest problems now with dogs in rescues and shelters is the shear number of them.  With the economy in the state that it is in now, more people are having to give up their dogs.   Breeders are having to hold onto dogs longer and some even into adulthood.  Where you might have seen a few dogs available on these big puppy production sites several years ago, you are seeing more and more puppies and prices being dropped.  People are not buying dogs like they use to.  But the production continues.

Patience is a virtue and if we humans could learn this lesson perhaps there would not be so many dogs in shelters and rescues.  Impulse is a big factor in the number of dogs being dumped.  People don't think before they buy.  They see cute and want cute right away.  But what if they had to wait?  What if someone who wanted a puppy had to wait a week, several months or even a year?  That time might change everything; it could be enough to give a person some think time.  Maybe they would realize that they don't really want a dog, they wanted a puppy but it was impulse and that is all it was.

Good breeders don't just hand over puppies like the mass production places do.  Heck the big places will tell you that two puppies would probably be a better idea.  A good breeder can talk an impulse buyer out of getting a puppy.  So many people I talk to are horrified with what they are having to deal with when they get a new puppy.  Yes, puppies are a lot of hard work and can push you to your limits but you should know this before getting a puppy.  Maybe the idea of getting up three times a night, trying to sleep through the constant whining or barking would be enough to have you change your mind.

If all the mass production of dogs was stopped..........................just imagine.  What if all the millers were shut down?  There would be so many less dogs, that would be a wonderful thing.  If anyone breeding dogs, did it in small numbers in their home.  If all dogs were given one on one time, proper nutrition, socializing and care that they needed.  If puppy placement was done by a one on one basis, not by paypal online.   This has to happen, things are getting out of control and in a very bad way.

With the economy today shelters and rescue groups are shutting down.  They cannot deal with the number of animals, the sheer cost of care let alone the time.  It is time, if the big guys can't get it done then it needs to be the general public who stop it.  That means getting the word out, stopping the selling  of puppies in stores and online from the mass producers.  If you are going to buy a puppy make sure that it is someone who has one, maybe two litters a year and those puppies are raised in the breeders home.  Do not buy a dog that you can pay for online from a photo and have shipped to your home.

When I look at the websites of these people who have multiple litter listings at one time, I shudder.  Puppies born back to back 11/4, 11/10 and 11/28, three litters or more in a month?  There is a reason people do this, and it is not because they love puppies; it is because they love the money you are about to fork over.  Don't do it, do not hand your money over to someone who mass produces dogs.  Not even if it's clean, not even if they boast their beautiful breeding facility and not even if they convince you that they are not a miller.  Yes, I have written about this a lot and I will continue to do so until I don't have to anymore.

Patience is a virtue.......................just imagine.