What did you do?

Yesterday was a great day, I spent it baking which other than dogs is a passion of mine.  The day before we hit the beach with the dogs and that was their second outing so they were both very tired.  But yesterday morning Luke and I lazed in bed while Elsa head out with her Dad for a big run.  She loves nothing more than running, well maybe retrieving but they are close.  So the two of them left for the park in the rain and enjoyed a very quiet big run.  Luke had sore legs from the day before so he got to just chill with Mom.  

When Elsa and Steve got back from their run, Steve and Brad head to the car show in LA.  That left me at home with two very tired dogs to bake for the day.  If I have a busy day planned out ahead of me; which I almost always do, I make sure that the dogs get out first.  That lets me do my stuff without the guilt of bored dogs.  Of course Luke had not gone out yet as I started to bake but he was still re-cooperating from the day before.  He doesn't mind an extra hour or two to sleep these days and he deserves it.  

So bake I did, all day long.  In between batches of cupcakes and waiting for bread to rise I shot the dogs hanging out in the living room.  Elsa of course was in and out of the kitchen to see if I needed any help with taste testing.  She followed me up and down the stairs to my office while I uploaded images and wherever I happen to go.  I'd throw in a load of laundry, there she was; into my office, she is there.  If she is not by my side I go looking for her.  It is a rare occasion but of course there are lizards and bugs that keep her busy outside sometimes.  

The rain began again in the afternoon after letting up for a bit in the morning.  I love baking when it is raining and I know the dogs love sleeping when it is raining; that is if they are tired.  Dogs who are Elsa's age really can never have enough activity, she is a very busy girl.  She can go from a dead sleep to flying in a fraction of a second but if she's had a good run she is happy and settled to chill for the day.  We work on training here and there throughout the day but she is not antsy.  If she doesn't get out for a rip, she is antsy until she can get rid of her ya ya's.  

Yesterday as I baked and listened to Christmas music, I snuck into the living room several times.  Tip toeing I tried to capture Elsa asleep.  It is tough to capture her in slumber mode.  She is so very alert that the slightest sounds has her on her feet and ready.  But with loud music and stealth I got the shot.  She truly looks like an angel when she is sleeping, but don't they all?  I love shooting sleeping dogs but other than old dogs it can be very tricky.  

Having had a very crappy December last year I am trying very hard to enjoy every single moment of this one and yesterday was a great one.  Quiet yes but spent with my dogs and baking, glorious.  

What did you all do yesterday?