Variety is the spice

Variety is the spice of life isn't it?  I am one who needs variety; pretty much in everything in my life.  Even though I have favorite foods that are my staples I gotta have change.  By changing diet and eating different foods you can best cover all the nutritional requirements.  Of course it goes without saying that the foods must be quality and nutritional; I'm not talking about junk food.  That goes for our dogs as well.  They need variety.

I am so happy that I have now reached a place with Elsa where she can eat anything.  I am constantly introducing new food to her and she is handling everything.  It took a while with her because of life circumstance but we are on track now.  It makes feeding the dogs very easy when they can eat what is put in front of them without upset.  The other day I found a hard boiled egg that was left in the refrigerator from that mornings breakfast.  I added it to just Elsa's meal Luke doesn't like egg) and she loved it, extra protein and variety in one meal.

Often meals are made up of several different proteins; meat, cheese, eggs and fish.  Other days a meal may be just one protein.  As you know Luke is very picky so feeding him is much tougher than Elsa.  She pretty much eats everything and has finally gotten onto raw meat which I'm happy about.  Luke likes raw a lot and he likes to eat things that we eat.  He loves sausages, meatloaf etc.  Last night I was making meatballs for us; I called the dogs into the kitchen to have a few.  Elsa gobbled hers down and Luke refused.  I told him that I was eating them, but he still refused.  I sat on the floor and ate a meatball; then he wanted one and loved it.  What a guy.  I knew he'd like it and he loved it.

Some people can never give their dog anything different to eat because their dog is only accustom to eating one kind of dog food.  Their body cannot adjust to any difference.  Even if you feed only dog food, you should feed several different types to best meet the nutritional requirements of your dog.  But if you are wanting to really switch it up for your dog, start introducing quality whole foods.  The more variety you feed the more you can feed without any digestive problems.

Start slowly, with small portions and build.  It is a great feeling when you can feed your dog any healthy food with no problem.

Of course there are the things to stay clear of: