Photo Wednesday

Elsa's introduction to this new water container.  She has been retrieving toys from the kiddie pool for sometime but never this thing.  First we had the ball just hover a few inches from the top.  Notice how clear the water is?  It takes but a few retrieves to start getting murky.

She closes her eyes and just goes for it.  What a girl.

And again. 

Then Luke decides to show her that he is actually the pro at this game.

Eyes still closed.


Luke wants another try, they love this. 

But he misses the ball which can slip away easily if they don't really grab it.

A floater

My trusty assistant replacing the ball.

Brave girl, eyes open now looking for the ball.

Got it.

Luke has another go.  What fun.  The game is short lived, 5-10 minutes and then we move onto another game.