The under appreciated carabiner.

Got Carabiners?

Gear - implements, tools, or apparatus, especially as used for a particular occupation or activity; paraphernalia.

I love gear; I don't know why, I just do.  I'm not your typical gal that gushes over diamonds; no, give me a really cool and useful piece of gear to make my life easier and I'm all yours.  :)  I like rugged, quality, well thought out equipment that is economically priced.  Utility is my middle name; and my products of choice are typically very plain and very useful.  Maybe I was a mountain climber in my past life; but ropes and carabiners are some of my favorite items.  I have a couple of ropes in the back of my xterra, just in case and carabiners literally everywhere.

Carabiners are actually very useful little things.  You can get them really cheap or really expensive; depending on what you plan on doing with them.  Mine are just the cheap ones as I am not planning on holding my weight or my dog's weight on them.  They simply hang around until I need them.  I have one on my car keys so that I can unhook just what I need and don't have to carry around a huge, massive pile of keys everywhere.  I have several on my dog pouch for random items that I don't want to have to carry.  I use these a lot.  I have a water bowl attached to one; I hang a water bottle on one if we are going somewhere that there won't be water.  Plus, I use one for my flip flops at the beach so I am hands free. Anything I don't want to carry gets hooked onto the carabiner.

I have a couple of giant carabiners in the garage that I use for everything.  Leashes, gardening tools, extra bags, you name it.  Most of the carabiners that I use do not have a safety latch; these are the ones that I hang general stuff on when needed quickly.  I have a couple that have a latch and a few with locks.  These type are required when you don't want whatever you've hung on it to fall off.

You can get little tiny carabiners to hang ID tags on your dog's collar.  That way you can move the tags if you change collars.  There are miniature sized carabiners which are appropriate for smaller jobs.  So many sizes for all different needs.  The carabiner is one of my "go to" items with dogs.  In my opinion they are overlooked and under appreciated.  I don't always use a carabiner, but when I do, it makes me happy.