Fall weekend

The weather finally broke giving us a great first day of fall.  Penny was over for the weekend so, here you go.  Let the games begin. 

Sunday morning Luke lays on the couch with Penny's Mom as the girls carry on.

Both Penny and Elsa love the keep away games.

Pursuit of the bone.

The agenda is...just fun. 

Both chewing the bone.

A tennis ball is entirely different, Penny is only slightly interest.  Elsa on the other hand is a ball fiend.  Penny didn't have it for long.

Luke wants no part of the crazy games. 

Happy ball girl. 

What a face.

Sometimes doing nothing is just beautiful. 

Saturday evening the bubbles came out.  Elsa was hooked on the game very quickly.  Penny?  She ran from the bubbles. 

A fraction of a second before the bubble was burst.

Post burst. 

A great Sunday morning. 
Have a great week.