Water?  Duh, of course our dogs need water.  But are they getting enough water, maybe too much?  Both of my dogs are good water drinkers.  Luke likes to drink, you can just see that he enjoys and nice fresh bowl of water.  Elsa, is more a drink for a purpose sort of gal.  Drinking is good; Tilley was a horrible drinker.  That is if we were out somewhere; she only liked to drink at home which just wasn't enough when we were out frisbeeing or doing some other sort of activity .  We did several events where I actually had to leave because she just wouldn't drink.  That turned around quickly; with a few firm words she learned to drink when I asked her to drink.  It is very, very important. 

Dogs need approximately 1oz of water per pound of body weight each day. 

The importance of drinking water goes up a huge degree when your dog eats dry kibble.  Why?  Because your dog is not getting any moisture from the food that they are eating.  A dog's vital organs need water to help them work properly.  The more dry food they eat, it stands to reason that they need more fluid, right?  The difference in water consumption between a dog who eats dry kibble vs. canned or real food is astonishing.  Our dog's bodies  need water to help their food go to where it needs to go in their body.  Water is also used in the elimination of waste in their body; without enough water wastes can build up and organs can become damaged. 

Water - Pet Md

Luckily most dogs like to drink.   But if your dog does not drink enough you can slip it in here and there.  If my guys eat dog food it always has water on it.  Always.  If we are going out for a walk where there will not be a water source then I bring my own.  I have four water bowls around the house and try to keep them changed at least once or twice daily.  The kitchen bowl is used the most as that is where I'm at most of the time.  It is changed several times a day; Luke and Elsa like very fresh water.  They get water after their morning walk once they are in the car and look forward to it.  Luke looks so forward to it that I can barely get the top off of the water bottle quickly enough for him. 

If you do carry water with you when out and about with a portable bowl; make sure that you offer the water low enough.  I see so many people giving their dog water up in the air.  You can literally hear the air going in and gurgling around in their stomach.  Hold it down near the ground or just a few inches up.  You do not want a ton of water and air in your dog's stomach. 

Water - the most neglected nutrient (dog food advisor)

Like anything else in life, moderation.  Do not allow your dog to over drink; some dogs can be compulsive with their drinking.  Spread it out over the day.  The reason you hear not to feed your dog before or after exercise is the water consumption.  With too much water going in; it can quickly turn a bowl of food into a huge stomach full of water and kibble soup in your dog's stomach, not good.  

I highly recommend not allowing your dog to drink from public bowls.  Yes it is nice to see when shop owners put out bowls of water for our dogs but they can quickly become germ filled offerings.  The same with the dog park, beach or anywhere else that other dogs are drinking.  Shared bowls is never a good idea.  Have you seen the water after your dog has just one drink out of clean bowl of water?  Backwash, big time. 

Teach your dog to drink when you are out and to drink out of many different containers.  I have a collapsible bowl that goes with me on walks; a fabric folding one in the car and both Luke and Elsa will drink out of my hand if needed. 

If you feed raw, real or canned food then your dog's water needs will be less that those eating kibble.  But all dogs need water; is yours getting enough?