Halloween, so many things to be aware of when considering our dogs and this celebration of scariness and candy. 

1.  If you plan to dress your dog in a costume; make sure that they are comfortable.  Can they move around freely?  Sit?  Lay down?  Can they see?   Costumes can be large causing them to drag on the ground or stick out; be very aware of flames anywhere near your dog. 

2.  If you are staying at home and handing out candy; take all precautions that your dog does not slip out the door.  Have you done boundary training?  If not make sure that they are no where near the door when you are passing out the goods to the children.

3.  Even if your dog is very friendly be careful when the ghosts and goblins appear at the door.  Things can go very wrong if your dog gets a sudden fright.  Little people often don't look like people at all when they arrive at your door; causing dogs to freak out.  Keep a collar and leash on your dog for safety if they will be accompanying you for the goodie handouts.

4.  Constant door ringing or knocking can be unnerving.  Watch for signs of stress from your dog. If you have a door crazed dog you may want to head out for the night in lieu of handing out goodies.

5.  Humans should know better but I have had people walk up to my door with their dog for trick or treating.  Of course this is a horrible idea as you don't know who is going to answer the door.  Be aware.

6.  With the constant door bell ringing and/or knocking dogs can become over stimulated; make sure that you are remaining calm.  Chill is the word of the evening; give no signals that this is in any way a big deal.

7.  The candy, ahh the candy.  How many dogs are rushed to the emergency each Halloween?  I'm sure that the numbers are high.  Keep the goods out of reach.  Do not expect dogs who don't touch things not to get into the candy.  When we were children, the big thing was to dump everything on the floor and trade with our brothers and sisters.  Keep it up high and know where it is at all times.  Often the problem is that children are in charge of the candy and things can go wrong from there. 

Enjoy the day tomorrow; be careful, be aware and have fun.