What do I use?

People regularly ask me about the stuff that I use for Luke and Elsa.  Grooming equipment, food that I feed, training leashes, harnesses and collars.  I am always happy to share this information as I've been sifting through a lot of stuff over the years.  I  hate to see people waste money so when I can help out and share what I think to be useful I like to pass that onto you all.  I'm a gear junkie, I love canine stuff that makes living with dogs easier. 

I have my standard "go to" items and that can change on a daily or weekly basis depending on my mood and requirements for the day.  Even though I love gear I don't love I do not like complicated.  So my favorite things to use are simple, easy and useful.  I've picked up equipment before and just stared wondering how long it might take one to put this onto their dog.  Not all companies that make dogs stuff think before they put things out there for the public; that much is obvious.  There is a lot of stuff out there that is useless or just a plain waste of money.

Sometimes I change my mind on something if I find a new and improved item that someone has come up with.  New ideas, constant improvements to dog gear; I love when there are new things to try.   I like companies who are always improving on what they have and actually want to make good products for dogs. 

My prerequisite for being a favorite of mine is quality and usefulness.   Cost factors in, I want value; to get what I pay for not pay a ton of money for garbage.  Customer service is way up there for me; if I find out that a company does not stand behind their product or care about feedback then they slip way down on my list. 

You will notice some changes to my blog; to the right side is now a couple of lists of things that I recommend.  I have all of these products and use them.  I will keep adding to these lists as I find new things that I like.  If you have a question about any of the products please let me know.  If you'd like to see something that I don't yet have on there let me know.   I love feedback.

As far as purchasing items online, my go to is Amazon.  They have crazy fast service, even when I choose regular 5-7 day delivery I have been getting my stuff in a day or two.  Almost everything can be found on Amazon but if not I will link to where an item I like can be found.  Of course these items are just what I like to use, my opinion. 

This is the harness that Elsa is wearing in the photo above.