Life lessons, change on the horizon.

What's important to you?  Things that you might have considered to be of importance, a year, maybe several years ago might not be so much now.  As we go through life, we have ups and downs; struggles that are the very essence of life itself.  The older you get, the more ups and downs you've had typically.   For most people, the day to day that surrounds what we call life is experience and from experience we grow, learn, evolve and yes, change.

Through the years there will be paths set before you; which one you choose to take is entirely up to you.  That chosen path will in turn set options before you; which one you choose again will set you further down your path.  It is that path that you take which is uniquely yours.  You live your life via the paths which you choose. The choices we make every single day further set our path for us. Sometimes life sucks; so many bad things thrown in with a few good it seems.  But bad is not always bad.  Bad can bring with it good; lessons.....Ah, back to lessons.

I know that I would not be the dog person I am today were it not for the many, MANY lessons that I have learned.  The dogs in our lives teach us so many things, don't they?  Our dogs teach us what is important in life; to be in the moment and linger there.  Don't always be looking out ahead for something better; hanging out in a great moment is time well spent.  Our dogs also teach us about mistakes that we've made; dogs are very good at learning.  If we could only learn as fast as they do.  It can take many repetitions to "get it," for humans whereas a dog may have "got it," the first go round.

Making mistakes is human, it is also canine; what we do with that mistake is where the resulting growth happens or does not.  Are you a listener, the need to know type?  Or are you someone who is happy just plodding along on your existing path?  There is no right or wrong; we all walk our own paths and we all have very personal desires in the life that we have been given.  Although there is one thing that we should all be striving for and that is good.  Good, to be morally excellent (as per dictionary meaning).  I believe that we are improving; the desire to give our dogs more is most definitely a step in the right direction.  By more I do not mean more food, fancy collars or clothing.  More as in more of us, more of our time and care.  So many people are involved with the rescue of dogs in need, donating to those who need financial assistance, offering help when someone is in need; all of these things are good.

There are thousands of people trying to shutdown puppy mills; trying to stop those who do bad.  People who treat both dogs and other humans without care or concern.  The movement can be seen; changes are being made; it has now been set onto the horizon for all to see.  It is coming, sure it might take a while but it's on the way.

In life, there will be those who focus on the negative.  Toss those aside and continue on your good path. 

n ‘first do no harm.’ One of the fundamental principles of medicine according to which the physician should not cause harm to the patient.

I think the above principle should be one for all.