A different kind of workout

My gardens went from yelling to frantically screaming at me.  Here in SoCal, we get a little blooming in the winter but the weeds continue to grow.  Between my workouts, Luke and Elsa's workouts and work my gardens had been neglected.  So, Friday was the day.  We stayed home and all had a gardening workout.  Two birds with one stone as they say.

I got out a new toy for Elsa.  I have been using it strictly for temperament testing but after a couple of times it goes to my guys.  So Elsa was thrilled, a tennis ball dumbbell.  I gave it to her in my office where she left it as we headed out to garden.  When she came out empty mouthed I told "go get your toy," and she did.  She got a couple of tosses before I got into my gardening and she was hooked.

I spent most of my time in my garden that is situated on the other side of the yard.  This made for perfect tossing and running for Elsa.  The only rule for garden retrieving is that the ball be returned where I can pick it up.  Elsa is great at this but sometimes will try putting it somewhere else.  To maintain excellence in retrieving it is essential to only pick up and toss the item when it is where it is suppose to be.   

Luke is happy to stand and watch me for hours.  If I get to far from the fence he gets a bit anxious so we have to have a snuggle and he's good again.  Gardening with Luke and Elsa is something I really, really enjoy.  Even though Elsa loves retrieving more than pretty much anything in her life she loves to follow me around while I garden as well.  She will even dropped her ball to follow me to a new garden.  So the two stand watch over me while I garden; nothing much better than that in my books. 

Gardening is a big stress reliever for me; throw in two amazing dogs and add some exercise.  A perfect way to start off the day.  We gardened for about 3.5 hours; had breakfast and then it was off to office for a poodle nap and some writing.  Have a great weekend.