Farewell to an amazing girl.

Sometimes a dog touches your life in a small but powerful way.  I know a lot of dogs; over the years I have met so many that I can't count them anymore.  But a few have stood out as far as touching my life in a way that only a dog can.  One such dog was Keara who sadly passed a week ago.  She was one amazing girl who I had the privilege of meeting when she was just a young'n.  I met Keara at the age of 10 months old.  She was an intense, fun and highly intelligent black beauty.  It was obvious from the moment that I met her; she was destined for greatness.  She left an impression with me from the getgo.

I also had the wonderful privilege of photographing her in all of her glory over the years. 

So much is said in those emotion filled eyes. 


I am honored to have been one of three participants in her training circle.  Keara, Keara's Mom and I; we worked through her young years showing her the ropes of living in a human world.  She caught on quickly and became a true female in every sense of the word.  Keara was one of those amazingly easy dogs who just "gets it;" often resulting in a little training of the humans.

A bond that can never be broken.  A special spot is saved in our heart for these memories.   

Keara was one big and scary looking girl; but on the inside she was loveable, determined, devoted and wise.  She was the kind of girl who made you look beyond the exterior image.  In my opinion Keara was an ambassador of the GSD (German Shepherd Dog) breed and I anticipated each visit with her, even after her training ended.  Her intelligence was keen; as was evident when you looked into those amazing eyes of hers.

Keara lost the tip of her right ear from an attack while out on a walk.  It took nothing away from her amazingness. 
Keara was joined by a younger brother (Charlie) who I got to work with as well.  This of course enabled me to continue seeing Keara on a regular basis.  She was the ruler of her domain and could send her much larger but younger brother running in fear with a single glance.   Charlie will no doubt miss Keara greatly and learn to live without her in his life.  My heart is sad for him as he learns to adjust to his new life.  But he will be a better dog having learned the ropes of life from her.  He was one lucky guy to have shared his life with hers. 

My deepest sympathies go to Keara's human family.  It is a very sad time when a life long canine companion passes.  But as time passes, the sadness turns to memories.  A heart filled with wonderful memories of a life shared together is a gift our dogs give to us.   I have many memories with this amazing girl and even though she was not my dog; she filled my heart with memories to last a lifetime.  I will never forget her, she cemented that a long time ago.