A oneness

Do you have a oneness with your dog?

Oneness:  Unity of thought, feeling, belief, aim, agreement, concord.  A strong feeling of closeness or affinity; union

I was reading an article this morning on the difference between wolf packs and dog packs.  This made me consider the human influence on the whole scenario; which lead me to ponder our connection.  I have seen many people who consider their dog to be far from a partner or companion.  Their dog is simply that, a dog.  It is true, dogs are dogs but what is a dog in our life?  The answer to this question my friend is what we make it.

Life with dogs is more about connection than anything else.  Yes we have an obligation to educate and guide our dogs in life; after all we have placed them in a human world and expect them to thrive there.  But aside from that, it is all about our time together.  Give, take, listening, watching and sharing.  Sharing is a big one, sharing our view of the world and it's day to day with our dogs.  Every second you spend with your dog is a moment; a coming together of two species in a oneness, pretty cool eh? 

Oneness does not demand an outward physical act but more of a inner connection.  I often look at both Luke and Elsa and connect; a simple eye contact moment can create a oneness.  That said, many people never achieve oneness with their dog; for some, it is all about ownership and sense of we are the human and you are simply the dog.  But a human/canine connection is far superior than the two species standing alone.  A human/canine oneness creates something far more.  Oneness with another species promotes empathy, learning and compassion; something that may not have been achieved without connecting with a canine.   

Ego (one of the most destructive human flaws) can take a severe hit when we achieve oneness with our dogs.  Dogs don't care about money, a big house, fancy cars or diamond studded collars.  Dogs are happiest with simplicity, keep it simple.  If we as humans tend to let our ego build; our dogs can bring us back down to earth by moments of reality that make our dogs, dogs and us merely human.  No, dogs don't need humans to be amazing; they can do that all on their own.  But they do need us to achieve the amazing human/canine connection; just like we need them to do the same. 

Have you connected with your dog today?