Marketing to dog owners

Have you ever stopped and considered what you are buying for your dog?  Those adorable little cookies in the shape of bones; your dog would love them right?  Maybe, but not because they are cute bone shapes.    Our dogs have absolutely no preference as far as the shape of their food is concerned.  Companies that make food into shapes and colors of chicken legs, veggies and bones; make it strictly for the human who is in charge of the money.  Dog food with green and orange pieces in it; must be healthy, it is the color of vegetables.  Plus the bag is covered in pictures of vegetables; it's got to be highly nutritious right?  Wrong.

The pet industry as a whole is a huge one.  Many companies play on our desire to give the best to our dogs; but sadly most of them miss the mark as far as accomplishing that.  Instead they spend much of their profits on marketing tactics and less on quality of product.  The whole "how can we get people to buy," becomes far more important than what they are actually selling.

Dog food and treats are some of the worst products that are highly marketed and poorly made.  As far as I am concerned, if there is an advertisement on television for a food or treat; you should not be buying it or giving it to your dog.  Think WOLF when you consider what to feed your dog.  Yes dogs have been domesticated and they have evolved from a wolf but they are still wolves inside.  From the wolf in the forest to the dog in our living room; our relationship has evolved.  Of course we are not going to send our dogs out to run down a deer for dinner but we need to fulfill their nutritional needs to best of our ability.

Dog's simply do not care what shape or color their food is, bottom line.  Most dogs will eat anything so it is up to us to do our best in offer them what is good for them and not what the marketing agencies tell us.   That is because all the advertising agency is concerned with is that you buy their clients product.  Keep it simple; fewer ingredients, less packaging, less advertising and a better product.

I see many people with whole wardrobes for their dog; beautiful collars that cost a small fortune and oodles and oodles of expensive toys who still reach for the cheapest dog food.  Many believe the advertising that is put out there to trick us into thinking that it is the best for our dogs.  Dogs don't care about clothing, they don't care about fancy collars or expensive toys; but they sure love a great meaty meal.

Don't get me wrong, I love dog products that make the life we share with our dogs, better.  But those products are few and far between.  As far as food and treats go; well, there is just way too much crap out there.   Don't buy into the big cloak and mirror routine; get the goods, the real goods on what you should be feeding your dog.  Think good food is too expensive?  Spending less time at the vets will save you a bucket load in the long run.