Think before you stick

Ours dogs deserve the time needed to research for their health.

She almost died, my little JRT, Jessie.  She was only 6 years of age and losing her battle with an unknown enemy.  As I held her on my lap; wrapped tightly in a towel I struggled to let her go; when I didn't know what was taking her.   After all the tests, we were left with an autoimmune disorder.  At only 15 lbs, Jessie's body was turning on itself.  I have no doubt that vaccines were the cause. 

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I'm not going to go on and go about vaccines and the possible long term side effects.  I have added several links below to read and contemplate.  Are we over taxing our dog's bodies; creating diseases that might otherwise not inflict our dogs?  It is already a known fact that dogs do not need annual shots.  A simple titer test can tell you that.  They draw blood to see the level of immunity protection your dog has to diseases that the shots are for.  It is a simple test and readily available.

Are the pharmaceutical companies instilling fear in us?  No doubt.  More and more dogs are becoming ill, but could it be avoided?  I believe that many otherwise healthy dogs succumb to disease due to what their bodies are given to deal with.  Annual vaccinations, flea/tick treatment, heartworm medication, poor quality food and many new vaccines that some of the Veterinarian field are pushing.  Read before you stick. 

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