National Dog Day, really?

As I stood in line yesterday, my arms overflowing with toys, poop bags and a new bed; the woman in front of me asked "are you getting all of that because it's National Dog Day?"  "It is?" I replied.  "Wow, I should know that" I said to her and then replied "isn't everyday dog day?"  Well isn't it?  It is in my house.  I don't need a special day to celebrate dogs but perhaps a day can bring to light some much needed issues regarding our canine companions.

The bigger a day gets the more exposure it gets.  The more exposure it gets the more celebrities jump on; giving the day more even more exposure.  Perhaps the day will shine some light on not buying puppies from pet store via puppy mills.  It would be great if the day could actually have impact enough to shut them all down.  It is mind boggling that people still walk into pet stores and buy a puppy.  But the most questionable aspect is they say that they didn't know.  How can anyone not know at this point?

So National Dog Day is a day for the dogs.  As more and more companies jump on the band wagon; it will perhaps bring to the forefront, issues that need addressing.  It is sort of sad that we need a day, sponsors, advertising and celebration to teach people.  But without it many don't listen; so with yet another day, it might bring with it, good.

In this house, we spent National Dog Day like any other day, together.