A table for three please!

Elsa making herself comfortable with her Brad. 
Last night Elsa and I drove up the coast to Huntington Beach.  My son lives there so we were visiting.  She had never been to Brad's new place so we stopped there before heading to dinner.  Elsa is an intense dog; always at a high level of awareness.  As we entered Brad's house she immediately dropped her head and began the scenting.  A second later she was open mouth smiling at Brad.  (wish I could have captured it but she was speeding around)  Huge open mouth toothy grins directed at one of her very favorite humans.  One of Brad's roommates also received a few big grins as well. 
She checked out the entire house, diving on Brad's bed and viewing the surroundings out the windows.  Then she flew down the stairs and waited for direction.  Outside again and up a couple of blocks to the Zimzala Restaurant and Bar at the Shorebreak Hotel which is a VERY dog friendly hotel and restaurant. 
The hostess brought us to a tall table which didn't seem appropriate being that we were with Elsa  I asked if we could have a couch area instead.  Well, Elsa made herself at home immediately.  Our waitress was wonderful; in fact Elsa came unglued each time she appeared.  I'm sure she thought that these people in black shirts were sent from heaven; they always arrived with food in hand.  It took until the end of our meal for Elsa to stop wagging at our waitress each time she came to the table. 
As soon as we sat down the waitress appeared with three bowls of water.  She placed one down for Elsa and made her way to the other tables where dogs were dining. 
Going over the dog menu with Elsa.  She's thinking. 
We went with the Nibbles and Bits.  I was going to get Elsa the yogurt dipped bacon but she needed a good dinner. 

The potatoes looked so good I was tempted to grab one out of the bowl. 

After Brad cut up her food so that it would cool; she dove in, no questions asked.
Shorebreak Hotel goes above and beyond as far as dog friendly.  We will be making this our "go to" place with Elsa.  They not only allow dogs to accompany you but make you and your dog feel very welcome.  The service is great, super friendly and accommodating. 
Taking your dog out for excursions like this is really good for them.   Some dogs can go anywhere and don't seem bothered by their surroundings; while others are constantly aware, that is Elsa.  She is always watching; she never misses a thing and is constantly assessing, sort of like her Mom (me, not her real Mom).  I'm sure next time we arrive she'll have her napkin on her lap and ready to dig in.   

                                    The view from our table, not too shabby.