Finally fall

We had some beautiful weather over the weekend for the dogs to enjoy.

Penny was over for a visit, yay Penny.  

Watching Elsa.

Luke joins in the yard fun.

Penny pretending that she is not following Luke.  

Love this time of year for low light photos. 

A beautiful beam of light was cast into my living room just waiting for a dog to enter. 

A fraction of a second before the next phoeo.

You can barely see it but there is a rainbow down Elsa's neck.

Can you say intense?

Ha! Caught by Grandma.  Penny watching the wall for camera glimmers.

Here is the rainbow that is in our living room every afternoon with the low sun.  

A break between brawling.

Waiting for a bubble to come down.

The maniac bubble chaser in full pursuit while Penny tries to stay out of the way.

Penny's favorite guy.  

We had a great day until Penny ran full speed into the screen door, that blog tomorrow.