Free wheel'n

Threw the Doggyride, Luke and Elsa in the truck and away we went. 

This was to be Luke's second time in his little cart.  It's just been too hot to have him in it so I was excited to get going.

When we got to the park I took the cart out before Luke and Elsa.  I place it along side the truck and we ventured off without it.  Luke and Elsa met their friend Hank and all had the customary excited greeting.  I wanted to give Luke time to sniff, pee and anything else he wanted to do before putting him into the cart.  It wasn't long before his legs started to give way so we head back to the car, slowly.

Luke is most definitely not a fan of the cart yet but he will be.  I LOVED it today; what a sense of freedom.  Elsa is of course up for really long walks so with Luke in his cart we can go forever.  The large screen was closed at first, for safety; just in case Mr. Luke decided to leap out.  Seeing that he wasn't I opened up the screen so he could get more cool air in there.  

Luke, started to relax in his ride.  Elsa is learning the ropes as well.  She walked great right beside the cart for most of the time.  We got her leash caught in the wheel a couple of times but we're working it all out.  I even gave it a bit of a jog test (although I am NOT a fan of jogging) and it felt amazing.  I might just start jogging, we'll see. 

Happy Poodle day.  Thank you Teri for taking these two photos.  

Come on cooler weather.