I couldn't ignore that face.

Time for a snack.

He followed me upstairs, ran back down behind Elsa and I; he was not being left behind.  I looked at him and thought....  It is not often that Luke goes with Elsa for a walk any longer.  I like to have 100% attention on my old man when we go out so taking them out separately allows me to do that.  But that face, that adorable face melted my heart.  Luke loves to go out as a pack and yes there are days when I let my head make all the decisions but yesterday it was my heart.  He just had to go; I couldn't ignore that face.  Besides, he was having a very good morning and a pack walk would make him have an even better day.

Elsa was already spinning at the front door while Luke dodged her butt as it flew around.  For fourteen, he's pretty good at deeking and diving from that large rear end of hers.  When you are hit by it for the first time; only then will you understand the power that it holds.  :)  I grabbed my keys which is the cue that sends Elsa flying down the stairs.  Luke was close behind this morning; more signs that there was no way he was staying behind.  I smiled as he wagged furiously; knowing full well that his descent could only mean that he was indeed coming with us.  If he was not coming then I always tell him before he makes his way down the final four steps. 

We all piled into the Xterra and head to the park.  Luke hadn't been to this specific park in a very long time and when we were just about there; we saw Hank and his Mom leaving.  We stopped to say hi and she decided to turn around and join us for a once around.  It was so great for Luke to see a friend; he often smells friends on Elsa when we return which cannot be easy; but this time he got to join us.  Luke was knocked down a couple of times in the initial greeting but he was right back up on his feet.  It doesn't take much to knock him down at this point; and the interaction with friends far outweighed a moment of weakness.  

He was so happy to have joined us at the park.  It was good for him and good for me to see him so happy.  He cannot always come; my head must make the decisions most of the time.  But when I do make a heart decision, my head has weighed in on the issue as well.  I will never allow my heart to rule without checking in with my head.  ;)