Its a juggling act

Digging into the office toy basket.

A much deserved quiet moment for the man. 

Walking through the house, I survey the path of destruction. Yep, Penny is at our house for a visit and when that happens there is a constant tornado to pick up after and avoid.  It is not just Penny, on her own she is much like a speeding bowling ball but with Elsa in pursuit, you have your full fledged tornado. 

Yesterday afternoon as I sat on my computer writing, I heard it; I am always listening.  In a few moments it was over and I went to check on the girls. Rugs were crumpled, dog beds lay in the middle of the room, couch cushions everywhere and two girls sitting quietly panting, watching me. 

For much of the day they simply coexist; napping here and there, each taking there turn wandering and watching out the office window.  But when it's on, it's on.  This is where the juggling and utmost of care needs to be taken, for Luke.  Luke had a bad fall last week and since then he is even more frail than before.  He can tumble on all his own so I have to make sure the tornado does not hit him. 

Chill'n as a pack.

My day begins peaceful and quiet.  As I sit here now in bed blogging; Elsa is snuggled up close and Luke is in his bed sound asleep.  Penny in her crate in my office; she cannot sleep in the same room with Luke.  First I need coffee, I get up and grab my coffee and breakfast; heading back upstairs to blog.  Next I will get Elsa and Penny up and out for their morning pee.  After that it is Luke's turn; I help him to his feet, give those old back legs a massage and assist him down the stairs.  I am on constant guard should the girls want to give him a morning greeting.  Out for his pee I remain on guard.  Then it is back upstairs for a morning snack. 

If I am heading to the gym in the morning; Luke and Elsa will stay in my bedroom while Penny is gated in the kitchen.  When I return, Luke and Elsa are let out first, then Penny.  We all enjoy the outdoors until breakfast.  Penny eats separately as I cannot get Luke to eat with her distraction.  We then move onto the rest of the day.  There are naps to be had, meandering, bone chewing and walks; while I constantly juggle.   

In the afternoon while I work on the computer; Luke sleeps in my office.  He is safest there and if the girls join us then I am on watch duty.  It is nice when everyone naps at the same time; this is my most productive time of the day.  When they are awake and in play mode I must be on high alert.  Penny is very good with Luke now; she manages to control her adoration for him and keeps it in check.  A simple "leave him" usually does the trick. 

As the afternoon turns into evening the activity level rises.  We all sit outside and enjoy the setting sun.  There is a little play, but mostly we just enjoy each other.  Dinner preparation is again a juggle; but we have a great routine in place.  After and more chill'n in the yard we head down for Luke's favorite part of the day, tv time.  Then it is game on.  I try to watch tv but who needs tv when you have Penny and Elsa around?  It is like watching WWF and NFL wrapped in one display of craziness.  Ahhhhh, love it.