Snoop Dog, he will be missed.

Sadly we lost a family member over the weekend.  Our little Granddog, Snoop. 
Snoop and my son in law were a team since we met both.  Snoop was Hamid's sidekick, friend and constant companion; they were inseparable.
Snoop was a first dog and as such, he had much to teach his Guardian.  He did that and then some.  Snoop was no push over and had his own agenda in life and was a big dog in a small body.  I still laugh when I think of the attitude that little man had. 
Snoop and his Dad

Photo from engagement shoot which I had the privilege of doing.  There was never a more adoring Dad.  Snoop lucked out in the Dad department. 

Snoop with his Mom and Dad.

Jamie with her little man.
When my daughter Jamie and Hamid became a couple; Snoop wriggled his way into Jamie's heart. Then this past April they became a family when they were married and Snoop was the Best Dog for the event. 
                                                                     One adorable little face. 

Grandpa holding the Bestdog during rehearsals.

     Snoop did much in his life.  You never really know the impact of a dog until you consider your life before that dog.  He had a great impact on those who knew him; he was the man, Snoop Dog.  That little man touched so many; changed so many and altered lives.  Snoop did what Snoop wanted to do; by his human's side he was the happiest, just being. 

  He will be sadly missed for his huge Snoop Dogginess.