Mud slinging

                                                                           For the love of dogs.

This morning I want to talk about mud slinging in regards to purchasing a puppy from a breeder.  A good friend and I were talking about this the other day; she told me that a neighbor of hers was mad because she bought her puppy and didn't rescue.  Just yesterday I read literally hundreds of comments on a blog; that were mud slinging back and forth because of a rescue/buy from a breeder debate.  Reading through all of the comments; you could feel the hatred, the anger, and for what?  I thought to myself "why not just put all that energy into the real problem?"  The puppy millers.

Some rescue people throw a giant blanket over breeders; scooping them all into one giant evil pile.  It is sad when people do this because there are monumental differences between an ethical breeder and a miller.  I have been told by an anti breeder, rescuer crusader that I do not deserve to have a dog because I want a particular breed.  When the woman blurted this out at me; I knew she had no idea who I was, what I do or how I love all dogs.  I didn't get into it with her; I could have but chose to be civil. 

I'm frankly sick of all this sh*t.  So much anger and pointing fingers.  There are good breeders who care about producing a litter now and again.  They choose carefully, test all breeding dogs, take the utmost of care in whelping and raising the puppies and scrutinize where those puppies end up.  There are also a lot of very bad breeders; and they do not have to have huge breeding facilities to be grouped in the miller pile.  People who breed puppies to make money are bad breeders.  They cut corners, they don't test because that cuts into the bottom line.  They feed low grade food to save a buck and they produce many litters to maximize the financial intake. 

Yes, rescuing is wonderful and I think if someone wants to rescue then they should.  Saving a life and offering a dog a good home and family is amazing.  But rescuing is not for everyone and if someone chooses to purchase a puppy from a wonderfully ethical breeder; to care for that puppy for their life then what is wrong with that?  I commend anyone who does their research, finds a great breeder and takes care of their dog for their life.  Good on you. 

Those who stand up on a pillar and spew anger for all breeders is wrong.  The shelters and rescues are filled with dogs from millers; whether they are a person who had one litter just because they thought it would be fun or a huge breeding facility.  They don't care where their puppies end up and will sell to whoever has money.  They often push the idea of two puppies instead of one.  Selling puppies to them is like selling anything else, tires, t-shirts, shoes, whatever.  Whoever has the money gets a puppy.  Impulse purchases are something that millers rely on and it is often these impulses that are at the highest risk of being shelter bound.  People don't think before they buy.  People want the newest up and coming when they buy something.  Millers will not take a dog back if something goes wrong.  These are the breeders who are filling the shelters and rescues.  The ones who lie about dogs to people who don't know.  Just like the designer dog, that have been advertised for its miraculous qualities.  People buy into it, buy a puppy and soon realize that it is a dog like any other.  They didn't want a dog they wanted a super dog.  Sad. 

Sharing information and letting people know where they should and should not get a dog is all that can be done.  Just like good and bad breeders; there are also good and bad rescues.  I know of one breeder who claims to be a rescue; she has a crazy amount of rare puppies but still claims to be a rescue.  You must research your rescue as well; not all rescues are rescuing for the good of the dogs.  Greed is the core to the problem of and shelters filling up; like anything else, greed is almost always at the core.    I know good breeders who have gone bad due to greed.  When I visit a website who has multiple litters listed; then I know that greed is the driving force. 

As far as I am concerned, there are VERY FEW good, ethical breeders out there.  If everyone only went to ethical breeders then there would be very few dog in shelters and rescues.  But sadly there are a lot of bad breeders who are filling up the shelters and rescues.  Rescue a dog, save a life.  If you decide to purchase go to a breeder who does all the health testing, temperament testing, placing of puppies after temperament test in appropriate home and has one or two litters a year. 

Those of you who do rescue; I applaud your choice to save a life.  But do not look down or mud sling at those who choose to get a puppy from an ethical breeder.  Mud slinging is counter productive and brings out the worst in us.  When humans have one way of thinking and cannot venture out to think in a bigger picture it is very handicapping.  To be close minded is a fault as far as I'm concerned.  Like I said in a previous blog, there is more to life than black and white.  If we all focus on the love of dogs; perhaps someday all the horrid people breeding for money will be non existent.  Its a nice thought. 

If you know someone who is considering a pet store or mill to purchase their puppy, educate them gently.  Screaming, name calling, pointing fingers, being rude or ranting and raving does nothing but shut people down.  Many humans go on the attack when others have a difference of opinion; it is sad and typically from those with closed minds.