No call back

The other day I was reading an article that triggered a memory.  It was a long time ago; close to twenty years I would imagine.  I applied for a job at a big new Pet Store, PetSmart.  The big box pet store had come to our little town.  It was a first and I decided that it was the place that I should work.  Much excitement swirled around the idea of having a huge store open; which was devoted to animals.  Before construction was complete an advertisement was placed in the local newspaper; they were looking to hire.

My application was filled out, mailed in and I got the call.  The day finally arrived for my interview and I was stoked.  Being already very involved with dogs; as far as training, grooming and owning a dog walking service; I was a shoe in for the job.  Right?  I sat down in a dark room; across the table from a man who was younger than I was, wearing a suite and tie.  He wanted to know what I had to offer PetSmart; so I answered the questions that I was asked.  

But it didn't take long for  the interview to turn around.  I wanted to know what PetSmart had to offer my dogs and others dogs.  Before long I was interviewing PetSmart about their products, protocols and establishment in general.  I wanted to know, so I asked.  The guy in the suit who started out interviewing me was now back peddling and skirting my questions.  I asked questions that were important to me.  "Do you pull a product once you know that it is dangerous for dogs?"  "Does PetSmart use only positive training methods?"  "What sort of dog food did they carry?"  I didn't get many questions in before I was thanked; told I'd be contacted, and sent on my way. 

Needless to say I did not get the job; I never even got a call to tell me I wasn't hired.  But I was happy that I'd pushed.  You see I cannot sell bad or dangerous products to unsuspecting people for any amount of money, I just can't do it.   Plus I could not stand by and watch dogs be yanked around; even if I was just a bystander, not knowing what I know.  Of course this was a long time ago and I know that PetSmart now uses positive training methods which I am very happy about.  Not all training places do though so make sure you know the difference before trusting someone with your dog.  

Funny, I had completely forgotten about that interview.  Much has changed in almost twenty years.  Memories can stay buried until a trigger brings them out for us to ponder on.  I thought about the interview for sometime and laughed.  I wondered where that guy was now.  Is he a big mucky muck at PetSmart or did he move onto another large corporation?  Who knows.  

Sometimes no call back is good, evolution.