A new friend

Yogi checking out Luke with Elsa in the forefront trying to entice play.  :)

The day finally arrived when Elsa would meet Yogi,  (previously Simba) Lucy's little brother.  Lucy is Elsa's good friend, they have been friends since Elsa was little.  Lucy comes over regularly for play days but this time it was the little mans turn.  Yogi is four and a half months old and as cute as all get out.  I was so curious as to how this would play out with Elsa.  The last time Lucy came over to our house; Yogi had been added to Lucy's family.  When Lucy arrived. Elsa had stopped dead in her tracks to sniff the new smells that Lucy had carried with her.  So Elsa had already got a whiff of Yogi.

Obviously Elsa would think that it was Lucy at first, but for how long?  How long would it take her to feel like he was a friend?  I was very interested in the logistics of it all.  So yesterday was the day; Mr. Yogi arrived and I told Elsa that Yogi was coming over.  Being that she had never heard the name before; she was excited by the "someone's coming over" part but not the name.  You could see the difference just by the fact that she didn't know the name that I was saying.  

Yogi and his Mom walked into the backyard; but Luke and Elsa had gone inside to see who was coming.  So I had to let them out of the kitchen to see him.  Elsa was already excited just because she knew someone was coming over.  What a girl.  I released the hounds and they pounced him.  It is a lot for a little guy; a new place with two big dogs charging you.  Yogi slunk a little but not much, he's a pretty confident guy.  Elsa sniffed him like crazy; she wasn't sure about this guy who looked like Lucy but wasn't.  You could see the confusion and figuring out process.  He was there with Lucy's Mom who Elsa loves so he had to be pretty good.  

It didn't take more than a minute for Elsa to be convinced that he would be a satisfactory substitute for Lucy.  Yogi took about the same amount of time and began a game of chase right away.  He was drawn to Luke as many puppies are for a bit but soon discovered who the "play" dog was.  

It was a great play date and extremely good for Yogi to do without his big sister along.  He will be back next week for more play and I can guarantee when I tell Elsa that 'Yogi' is coming over, she will be very excited.

Luke is very patient.

Checking out Luke.

Elsa's tries every tactic and toy to entice play.  She ADORES playing with friends.

Elsa's body language screams 'having fun.'

Tails are so important. 

Yogi is a very confident little man.

I love this shot of Elsa, she is so freaking agile.  Her drink of water flying out of her mouth.

Honestly!  Handsome little devil.  

Didn't take much to tucker him out.  

Yogi sniffing Luke with Elsa watching closely.  If Luke gets annoyed she will get Yogi away, it's what she does to take care of Luke.