Penny arrived on Saturday to an elated Elsa.  Although Elsa adores Penny and is always happy to see her I have never seen the level of joy she showed this time.  Losing a friend is tough for a dog.  So with Penny by her side Elsa has been dealing with loss, with a little help from her friend. 

Penny went home last night, so today Elsa will be dealing.  She has been doing very well although she is most definitely suffering from his loss.  As I said, she was by his side when he left us so she knows what happened to him (which I will write about later). But this does not take away the loss.  She must deal with his absence. 

Like us, dogs are all different.  Elsa will need time, more so because she was constantly tending to Luke in their day to day together.  She was regularly wrapped around him in her need for touch and closeness.  Her loss is a big one. 

Keeping busy is important.  Elsa got to enjoy more friends yesterday when her very good friend Yogi came to visit.  She adores him and the two get along amazingly.  He is six months old and keeps up nicely with Elsa's play demands.  Yogi also got to meet Penny and Penny Yogi.  It was a morning filled with fun for Elsa, and a good distraction. 

I always describe Elsa as bubblecious, it is the best word to describe her.  She has a zest for life and her bubble cup overflows when she has her friends around.  We will hit the park today for the first time since last Thursday and hopefully there will be friends to see.  Exercise is also very important; especially in a dog like Elsa.  So both her and I will be hitting the gym so to speak. 

When we are home, the friends are gone and it is quiet, reality sets in.  A few of Elsa's bubbles have been popped and she must deal.