A goodbye

"Life is made up of meetings and partings. That is the way of it." Kermit the frog. 

Luke Regalbuto August 16, 2000 - January 16, 2015

A tender moment between Dad and Luke a year ago.  

The time between a meeting and a passing is far too short.  From the moment I met him, I knew he was different.  It was a chance meeting but one that was meant to be and altered our life from that moment on.  

We lost our beloved Luke this last Thursday, quietly and peacefully at home with my husband, Elsa and I at his side.   

A very confident young man.

I have been blessed to share my amazing boy with people around the world and because of that, many are now grieving at his passing.  Some have known Luke for a very longtime and enjoyed him in both his young crazy years and his golden ones.  Luke changed immensely over the years; going from a hard headed, strong willed love to a mellow love in his later years.  Luke was a lover, not a fighter.  When he was challenged as was the case often for such a confident guy, he simply smiled, looked at me and left the other dog wondering where he was going. 

He had an amazing sense of humor and found joy in the little things in life.  Luke savored every moment, and taught us to do the same.  His favorite thing in life was down time.  Those quiet moments when you sit and just hang together; and every night he would stand in the kitchen door waiting for us to go downstairs to watch television. I have never in all of my life learned more from one dog.  I will never be the same because of Luke.    

Luke changed many lives.  

I met Luke when visiting a trainer friend of mine who had a litter of poodles.  I figured that I should see her puppies before they were gone but was not looking for myself.  When I entered the backyard, they were all asleep except Luke.  From the moment we met eyes, our life, connection and fused heart was fate.  When I left her house I could not get him out of my thoughts and 5 weeks later it all began.  

He was Elsa's heart as well 

Luke was both a breeze and a challenge as a youngster.  He had his own way of doing things but loved to learn and was very enthusiastic about the process.  As he learned so did I.  

But as he aged, he mellow and anything that had been a challenge soon diminished.   

He was a travelling man.  Not only did Luke take the huge road trip from CA to CT, AND BACK AGAIN.  But he went to OR and hit the vineyards with Elsa.  

He also loved the beach and always had his happy face on with the sand and surf in his toes.

Being his devilish self with Tilley. 

A heart-breaker.

A dog this special should be shared with many.

Luke was my heart, there is now a huge hole where he lived for 14.5 years.  I cannot believe that we got to share our lives with Luke; to be called Luke's Mom and Dad.  He was my Pumpkin, Punk, Love Man, Little Man, Love Boy and a handful of other names I gave him over the years.  Even though he was very much a Momma's boy, he was also Dad's boy.  They spent hour upon hour hiking and exploring together and when they returned home, Luke would not leave my husband's side.  It was their time as guys and he and his Dad loved every second. 

Elsa was by his side as he left; she knows that he is gone although she is suffering the loss deeply.  

What a face.  

I have never seen a dog adore another like Elsa did Luke. 

It is hard to imagine a life without Luke.  That fateful day back in November 2000 changed mine and many lives forever.  

He will be desperately missed.