Life with dogs

Must be nice.  

From dead asleep my eyes flew open and I was up.  Making my way to the patio door where I could see a blonde figure standing waiting.  The heaving had woke me up; I was sure that it was Luke.  There had been only a couple of heaves before she puked up the first pile on the carpet in front of the door.  It was Elsa, not Luke.  I felt like I was still asleep fumbling to open the freaking door.  Finally it opened  and out she went to continue her vomiting.  She is such a good girl, she knows to head out the patio door.  Ever since we moved to the house with the patio door it has been used for the midnight pukes.   No more trying to get down the stairs and out the kitchen to the yard before someones stomach contents emerged onto the carpet.

I stood waiting and thinking as she finished up.  "What did they eat last night?" I thought to myself.  Nothing out of the ordinary, a great turkey dinner but nothing new.  Then I remembered the brussel sprouts, "I bet that's was it is" I said out loud.  Elsa glanced over at me and moved to the door, she was done.  She ran in and straight to the bedroom door.  She was now wagging madly, happy and no doubt wanted to go out for a pee.  After all it was morning, 4:00 am is morning right?  Geesh.

Back in bed with Miss Elsa draped across my lap; I could feel her quickly slip into sleep mode.  "Ahhhh, must be nice" I thought as I lay there for over an hour and a half, unable to do what Elsa was, sleep. 

Elsa has always had a sensitive stomach as far as items remaining in there.  When I gave her the brussel sprouts the night before, they had been whole.  It was a treat, not chopped up in her own dinner.  They were roasted and soft with a firm center which she had obviously swallowed whole.  They sat in her stomach trying to be digested until 4:00am which seems to be evacuation time.  So out they came and there they sat on my balcony.  The exterior had been digested and just the firm center remained.  Note to self, chop brussel sprouts when giving them to Elsa. 

At some point I fell back asleep after 5:34am because I clearly remember looking at the clock at that time.  But it was to be a short nap before the real morning began.  Elsa shot up in a flash and I could hear that Luke was getting up.  She always wants to be the first out the door, down the stairs and wherever we are going.  When Luke stirs, she's up.  My head was now in a fog of grogginess.  "I should have just got up at 5:34 am" I thought to myself.  I would have been tired but not groggy. 

I grabbed a robe and asked Luke and Elsa to wait before opening the door.  Elsa always flies out like she's on a mission and I have to get a hold of Luke before he heads down.  He's pretty good at getting down the stairs but every once in a while he stumbles so I am always there to catch him if needed.  Once out they both find a spot to pee and rush back in.  Upstairs for morning snacks and blogging.  Ahhhh, life with dogs.  :)