And Back Again

Life is a story

I am very excited to say that my second novel And Back Again is now available.  Over three years ago a huge life challenge was put before us.  For those of you who read 'PBJ and me' you know what my 21 year old (at the time) son Brad and I went through on our road trip from California to Connecticut with our four dogs.  And Back Again is the continuation of our story; starting from the first full day at our destination.  It was an emotional time for everyone involved and over the months of writing and re-writing and reading, reading, reading it was emotional. 

The book covers both canine and human behavior with regards to life challenges.  I wrote the story in hopes that it might help someone. Perhaps dealing with canine behavior issues, maybe a dog who is growing old, life change or general life challenges.  I still look back and shudder at much of it, and am forever changed.  

It is a crazy story but it is mine.  I lived it and can now look back at it as quite the experience.  The story picks up where PBJ and me left off.  We had just landed in Connecticut after a grueling 6 day drive across the country from sunny California.  Much would be dealt with in the following months.  A strange environment, a new home, the loss of our most senior canine pack member and a new life all lay ahead of us. 

And Back Again - also available on Amazon. And Back Again will also be available in ebook shortly.  I will post it on my Just dogs with Sherri Facebook when it is available.  

I had a wonderful editor (Emily Smith) for my book; one that I just stumbled upon in Vegas, oddly enough.  She is amazing and really pushed me to bring more to the story.  Sometimes just one question from her would bring up a whole plethora of memories; ones that had seemed in the big picture, minor at the time. 

I hope that if you read the book, you enjoy it.  Life is a story

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