Yay, Yogi is coming over

Yogi is Elsa's very good friend who is also her other very good friend Lucy's little brother.  We've been getting these two together for fun.  Yogi is almost 6 months old now and man do they have fun.  I love it and Elsa LOVES brawling with him. 
It is really good for him to get out on his own and experience life all by himself.  It did not take Elsa long to learn a new name; when I told her that Yogi was coming over she lit up and ran to the door to welcome him. 

Elsa loves Yogi, he is almost the same size as her now.  

Funny how their tails are often held the same way.

Thinking about a zoom.

Elsa's on her way.

Elsa is more than happy to take it down to the ground.

Elsa is clearly supervising Yogi's approach to Luke.  She is Luke's protector.  Yogi is completely changing his posture on approach.

More fun.

Preparing for the hit.

This is the first day that they have done the boxing thing.  They both seemed to enjoy it.

Ground chomping.

Awaiting an attack.

From Elsa.

Elsa supervising again.

Keeping Yogi away from Luke.

Just having a blast.  I could watch these two or three all day.  
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