Blind spots

Elsa and I spent the morning at the beach yesterday.  It was truly glorious.  The weather was perfect, the tide was low, and there were very few people there.  We planned to walk the whole beach but first we head right to the rock piles where there are crabs and cool stuff in the tiny tide pools.  Climbing over the rocks, we went over the first hump and down in the midst of it.  Elsa's scent drive was turned up as she checked it all out.  She sniffed and I enjoyed watching her be a dog.

For anyone who knows me, I am very cautious.  Always watching, scanning and very aware of our situation.  Being that we were down in the heart of the rock pile and could not be seen by newcomers I kept an eye on the entrance area.  I could just see the top of a couples head as they climbed the rocks; when their dogs appeared and the women let go of their leashes.  She hadn't seen us, and had no knowledge of what lay behind the rock hill that they were climbing.  But yep, she let the leashes go without knowing.  Blind spot. 

One of the dogs saw Elsa and I and immediately started our way.  It was not saying "I'm super friendly," with it's body language.  It's head was lowered, tail completely up straight with full eye contact. I yelled to the woman to pick up her leashes.  Unable to hear me due to the surf she cupped her ear with her hand; leaning in trying to hear what I was saying.  Frustrated, I yelled "SHE'S NOT FRIENDLY."  I wanted the woman's attention and that got it.  She yelled to her dog who needed several calls before listening; but she was finally able to get a hold of their leashes.  The husband and wife talked a bit and then Elsa and I made our way out of the rock pile. 

I thanked the woman as we got closer and explained that Elsa had been attacked and was uncomfortable around strange dogs.  She said she completely understood, nodding.  As we passed closer the black dog who had been heading our way lowered it's head growling menacing at Elsa.  We continued to calmly walk by with me of course shaking my head. 

Elsa and I were out enjoying the day.  We did not need someone ruining our wonderful day at the beach.  The people with the dropped leashes had made a foolish judgment dropping the leashes in a blind spot.  Who knows what could have been over the other side.  They had not even seen us down on the sand behind the rock hill. 

I am admittedly the chief of safety; we always tease that I should have been the head of safety at some company.  Safety comes first for me and letting your dog off leash or dropping leashes in a blind spot is not safe.  Just like those who have their dogs on full extension of an extension leash and let their dog go around corners before they do.  Foolish and unsafe. 

My job is a serious one, Elsa's body guard.  In a pack of wolves there is always protection from what life might throw at a pack member.  Just like our human/canine packs, you must be there for your dog.  Speak up and step up to protect yours.  There are lots of those out there doing unsafe things with their dogs.  Protect yours.