Supply and demand

Rescuing dogs has become a huge social thing.  I talk to many people who will never "pay" for a dog.  They stand strong in their desire to "rescue" their canine companions.  That is wonderful, rescuing an animal in need is commendable.  So many people are rescuing dogs, that there is now a shortage in many areas. 

Not enough rescues?  This is the dream of every rescuer right?  That is what I've always heard the rescuers say "if I didn't have a rescue job I'd be happy, it would mean that no dogs were homeless."  Well, I think that the goal is getting closer each day.  I have read article after article about the shortage of rescue dogs for people to adopt. 

NPR  - shortage of rescue dogs

The Bark - Southern Dogs

The supply and demand right now seems to be within certain areas.  Places where spay/neuter and adoption have gone up have fewer homeless dogs.  So there is a great deal of moving and transporting dogs right now.  Those shelters and rescues willing to work with others and save a life are doing that.  They are taking the time and spending the money to find places for the dogs to go to be rescued and rehomed. 

Then there are the shelters who are not.  Sadly there are shelters who just euthanize.  I have heard by many people of rescuers showing up to pull dogs from a shelter and finding out that they have been euthanized, even after solidifying arrangements.  No, not all shelters or rescue groups are equal.

So what happens when you cannot find an adoptable dog? 

"I would NEVER buy a dog," are the exact words from many.  Well, there may come a time when you do have to buy a dog; and that would be a good thing.  When and if that actually happens, where will everyone go to purchase their dogs?  They will hopefully go to the small, reputable breeder who has all their dogs living in their home as companions.  Breeders who are only producing a small amount of dogs; those who are breeding dogs for the love of it, not the money of it.  Those who actually care about their dogs. 

The question will be, if and when there are no longer dogs in need of rescuing?  Where will you go?  If we head to the small breeders where you have a good chance of having to wait; all puppies have homes before they are born then maybe the homeless pet issue won't happen again.   But if we humans head for the easy route where there are pages and pages of puppies to choose from; simply click and they send you a puppy, then it will all happen again.  It really is up to us.