The fog is lifting

This was the last visit to the beach.  

As I sit here blogging, the fog is lifting, literally.  As far as the fog in my head?  Well, that will need another cup of java to lift.  It's really foggy this morning, as it was yesterday morning.  I love fog, not to drive in of course but to shoot in. Fog is an amazing background for photos.  The same image taken with and without fog are completely different.

An excerpt from And Back Again

The foggy day was filled with emotional photographs. It is funny how adding fog can provide so much feeling to a photo. Mask much of the surrounding scene by a cloak of fog and the result is emotion. Some of my very favorite photos from that beach in Connecticut were taken on that day.

Watching the fog lift this morning has brought me back to the beach in CT.  The last trip that we would take to the beach.  Luke and Elsa had a great run and I remember the day like it was yesterday.  Luke had stepped up on that day as Elsa's hero and the communication between the two had been magical to see.  They were in it together, thrown together at just the right moment in life.  Their bond would become unbreakable until death.  

I can see Luke's happy open mouth as he headed my way down the beach.  Then he'd be gone to socialize with the next dog that emerged from the fog once again.  Luke loved to greet everyone on the beach and Elsa was always close behind.  She ran circles around Luke; he was the steady pace maker and she, the crazy puppy.  She learned a great deal from that man of hers; important things about life and being in it.  Hopefully these life lessons will be passed onto her next life partner and I will stand in awe at the amazingness of a canine.  

The fog has now lifted and I am back to the here and now.  

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