We were on our way to the park; rounding the corner I told Elsa that we might see some of her friends.  I said "maybe Oaklee?" and she immediately dropped her head in search.  While she searched I added "maybe Hank or Zoey will be there?"  She tilted her head at the mention of each friend's name and smiled that huge smile of hers.  So I threw in another name "maybe Gia will be there," I told her.  She immediately gave me a snort/bark with attitude.  I couldn't believe it.  This dog is not a friend, yet.  Gia is a dog that I am trying to work Elsa in with.  The dog is large and black with a curled up tail, that Elsa is not comfortable around.  We had our first walk together last week that went well but she does  not consider her a friend.  Elsa's friends are in her circle of trust and she knows them very well by name.  I work hard at putting names on dogs and people as well as teach her a huge vocabulary.  She's a smartie.  

Last week Elsa and I headed out to the airport to pick up my husband.  As we drew near I told her that we had to "find Daddy."  Her whole body changed as soon as the words were out of my mouth.  She started to wag, dropped her head in search mode.  She knows what "find" means.  I have taught this to all of my dogs; of course some learn it better than others.  Tilley was my other great finder of things. 

When we are out at the park and doing our chuck it action, Elsa seldom misses.  If she happens to miss the location of a toss from the Chuck it, then we immediately go into "find" mode. As soon as I say find, she starts to search.  I help her with directional points which she watches for.  She's a smartie. 

Our dogs are far smarter than most give them credit.  Their intelligence is intense and the more you teach them the more they learn.  I hate to see dogs that don't know anything.  Not because they aren't smart or can't learn; but because no one took the time to teach them.  Would we consider sending our children out into the world without educating them. Never.  But we often leave our dogs without much information when we ask them to walk with us through our human world. 

Today Elsa's friends are coming over again.  Yogi and Lucy will be visiting.  Elsa had so much fun with them last week, it was like a party the whole time they were here.  So I will tell her as the time draws near.  I don't like to tell her too far out because then she may doubt what I tell her in the future.  About 3 min. before their arrival I will let her know.  First I will tell her that friends are coming over.  That alone stops her in her tracks and she is all ears.  Then the names will come and the excitement will begin.  She will be on very happy and tired girl today; and that is a great thing. 

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