Learned behaviors

I had to smile seeing Elsa wait for her tidbit of grass.  We spent much of the morning yesterday gardening.  I love gardening and I love it even more when my dogs hang with me while I garden.  Penny is here so both her and Elsa hung out in the yard while I gardened.  Penny lay in the sun, soaking up the rays while Elsa busied herself.  Every so often she'd come and stand waiting, waiting for her tidbit of grass.  Luke taught her this, and it made me smile to see her doing it.  

Many behaviors are learned and passed down to younger dogs.  Waiting for the tiny, sweet grass shoots, Elsa hovered.  She knows that there is a lot that is pulled out that she does not get; but she knows that she gets the grass.  Luke was quite the cow and loved grazing on grass.  Elsa does as well but she is more a nibbler. 

I do not treat my yard with chemicals so that my dogs can eat the grass.  

 Waiting while I garden for the tiny, sweet pieces is learned and it made me smile thinking of Luke by my side.  He would garden with me all day; often nudging me for a snuggle so forcefully that I could barely keep on my feet in my bent over position.  Memories.

During my gardening I watched Penny find something in the grass.  It was clear from the start that it was indeed something gross.  I thought a dried worm maybe?  Jessie use to love to roll in dead worms.  Within seconds Penny dropped her neck down and got down and dirty.  She finished with some nice big brown spots on her back; so she was having a bath after gardening.  

I love watching dogs just hang around keeping busy and doing what they love.  As I was wrapping up the gardening session I watched Elsa as she approached the gross spot that Penny had rolled in.  I'd checked it out and couldn't see a thing; other than the spot Penny had dug up to get a better scent.  Watching Elsa, I wondered; was she going to roll in it?  She has never rolled in anything, she doesn't do that.  Sure enough, she bent down to get whatever it was on the ground onto her neck.  I called out fast enough, before any damage was done.  I wasn't in the mood to bathe two.  

Older dogs often teach the younger ones.  But sometimes a younger one will teach an older one; and it's not always a good thing.