Penny's here

Penny is at our house for about a week.  I have to say that when these two girls get together, my heart is happy.  Seeing two dogs this joyful together can only be good for you.  We picked Penny up on Friday.  We met my daughter and Penny at a restaurant for the handoff and the greeting in the parking lot was the beginning of the joy.  Elsa came along for the ride and lunch out and when she was told that we were meeting Penny, it started.  She began her intense searching until she found her.  Elsa was wagging from head to toe when she saw Penny and once out of the car the two leapt around with sheer joy.  Elsa even gave Penny several huge full teeth smiles which is usually saved for her favorite humans and they continued their greeting until we headed into the restaurant.

We ate at Bistro West in Carlsbad; which has a dog friendly patio area.  The food is good, really good.  The waitress brought water for the girls and they were both tucked nicely under the table.  Of course they shared lunch; that's what lunch out is all about.  :)

Penny loves coming to our house; it is her home away from home and she settles right in.  There is much brawling, playing with Grandpa and chilling around the house and yard.

Then more fun, Luna (my other daughter's dog) came for a visit on Saturday and then again on Sunday.  

So Elsa will be busy this week, which is a good thing.  She has tending needs and Penny fits the bill.  No other dog can fit into the requirements as far as tending goes.  Elsa has a need to tend and it can only be done with a pack member (although Yogi is pretty close to that).  So for now Penny is going to be well cared for by Elsa; in between brawling of course.  Right now they are having their morning nap.  :)