Stepping stones in your evolution

Typically your first dog is where you make the most mistakes.  Your first dog may or not be the one that has the biggest impact on your life.  At some point throughout your journey, a dog may enter your life and you will never be the same.  Meetings throughout our life are all different; depending on timing, stage of life and life itself.  But each dog is involved in the process of our evolution, if we allow it.  Each dog is like a stepping stone.  Some are a little shaky, some are huge and stable, while others can the change the path we walk on most drastically.  

Life has a way of keeping us busy; but when we take the time to slow it down and look around, we can evolve a great deal.  We all have a path to walk, that will be our journey through life.  Like everything else, it too will be very different from all others.  What can make that journey very different is who steps into the journey with us.  That goes for humans and dogs.  There will be people and dogs along the way that change us forever.  Those who change us do not have to stay long,  although they sometimes do but often they are just fleeting in the big scope of things.

The person I am today is far different than who I was, say forty years ago.  How I look at things is very different from how I did way back then.  Dogs have had a huge impact on my life; but not just dogs as a whole, it has been all the individuals.  Loving dogs teaches compassion.  Learning about dogs can open our mind to thinking differently about many things.  In my books this is all good. 

I have had many dogs pass through my life; and I know that there will be others.  There will be those who are just a meeting and others who will share my life beside me.  Each has had a paw in the making of who I am today.  Sunday was two months since we lost Luke.  He above any dog taught  me the most about dogs as a whole.  He enabled me to look deep into the heart and soul of dogs.  Dogs can teach us about dogs far better than any human can teach us about dogs.  Luke left a legacy when he left; with me and many others who met him.  Dogs can be that large and impactful.  I believe any dog can be; it just takes the humans to be open to see it. 

I love nothing more than hearing about the canine/human relationship.  How your dog changed you and you them.  I would love to hear your evolution with dogs.  Leave your story in the comments so we can all enjoy them.  Have a great day with a dog by your side.  :)